Telephone: 07399 513 726

I lived in Penzance until 2010, when I moved with family to Plymouth, Devon.

2021, I am Married to a local lass, Photography is still a big thing in my life, although lockdown and covid is really causing issues what with work and meeting people and new clients etc

I grew up knowing four superb photographers, I wanted to mention them here in memory of them.

  • Charles Roff
  • Jacob Cockle
  • Mercedes Curnow
  • Fred Charles Weeks

I am entirely self taught when it comes down to the photography I do for myself and others, I have taught myself the skills and art by learning from mistakes, in the beginning I had very little friends so I found taking photos of the surrounding areas a very good way of occupying my time.

My local newspaper asked to use my images for the newspaper, they even paid me too, I don’t think there were many people in Penzance back in 2007 with a digital camera, between 2007 and 2009 I was an in-house photographer for Cornish World Magazine (My Cornwall). Which was great fun.

There’s not much that I wont photograph, video and v-logging is still new to me although I am getting better or thats what they tell me anyway!.

I am a Covid Friendly / Socially Distanced photographer based in Plymouth, so if you need me, just ask!.

I am also available for Wedding Portraiture and Events Photography, last minute and distance bookings welcome.

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